Selection Sunday


Nathan Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – Sunday, March 12th, was Selection Sunday; the day when the NCAA Tournament brackets were released to the public. This means that the participants were placed, seeded, and then announced.

The tournament will take place all over the country and will go from March 14th to April 3rd, when the championship will take place. This game will take place between the two teams who have gone through the bracket without a loss.

The teams placed in the tournament are based off of regular season play and conference tournament results. This is also how the committee decides on their seed (what they are ranked).

There are four different regions in the tournament, with one of each seed number in each. This year’s one seeds (top four teams) are Villanova, Gonzaga, North Carolina, and Kansas.

Michael Markoch, sophomore, thinks that the committee did a great job this year, except for a few teams who he thought were underseeded.

“The committee gave Minnesota too high of a seed and Wichita State was underseeded, but other than that, they did a perfect job in choosing the one seeds.”

He continued to say that this would be a great year of March Madness because of all the possibilities.

“Anyone can win, which will make the tournament very exciting.”

This year’s March Madness will be entertaining and unpredictable as always, so expect great basketball and a lot of upsets.