Is the Girls Soccer Season Going to End Before It Starts?


Anne Marie Nuter

Is the Girls Soccer Season Going to End Before It Starts?

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Because many of the former spring athletes have graduated, several spring sports, especially soccer, are having problems.  This dramatic shift of players might cause the soccer season to end well before it even starts.

Currently, the soccer team has 6 players that are 100 percent committed to it.  There are 3 girls that are also doing other things that are interfering with soccer, making it hard to make a solid team.

These numbers only add up to 9, and the team needs 11 players on the field at all times, along with a few subs.

The school tried to co-op with a couple other schools as well, but with poor communication, plans fell through and most of them aren’t playing.  One school left LMC’s district, making it illegal for them to co-op, but there is still a chance,

There are 3 girls that the soccer team is hoping to get from Grace Christian, but only one of them has their physical forms in. There are two more that are trying to get it, along with other personal factors.

If there are not enough girls playing soccer by the game on Thursday, March 23, the team will either have to forfeit, or just cancel the season.  This will look bad for LMC Athletics and change the pace of game for many.

The soccer team is trying their hardest to keep the season alive.  Junior soccer player, Katie Sullivan, is one of the players hoping more people will join.

¨I wish we had enough people on the team so we could just focus on our skills rather than getting enough players to commit.  Due to how everything is looking sofar this season I don’t think we will have a team, but I really hope we do.¨

Rather than canceling the season, the soccer team is trying hard to recruit more players.  It’s said that the kids don’t have to go to any practices, just a couple games if possible.

By the way the team is looking sofar, there most likely will not be a team, which would not look good for LMC Athletics.