Blizzard Warning Strikes the NorthEast


Adriana Nerio

NORTHEAST – About 18 million people were under a blizzard warning, Tuesday, March 17th. Thousands of flights and schools were closed due to the effects of the blizzard. This blizzard warning not only hit in east coast states like New York, but it  also midwestern states near Michigan.

Officials state that this blizzard warning had high winds, poor visibility, and more than two feet of snow. Currently several states have set states of emergency.

Snow and high winds are not the only developments, but many states will receive freezing rain and sleet. This situation has reached to President Donald Trump.

“Everyone along the east coast, be safe, and listen to local officials as a major winter storm approaches.”

Unfortunately, at least two people were killed in the midwest shoveling the snow from the blizzard.

The blizzard has also caused major floods along the coast in the northeast, the winds of the blizzard pushed water from the Atlantic Ocean onto neighboring shores.

This blizzard that is currently in the northeast had hit Berrien County before the northeast. Fortunately, Berrien County was hit with light snow.  

Wednesday, March 15, Lake Michigan Catholic and other schools around Berrien County were closed due to the storm by the lake effect.

Michael Markoch, sophomore, is one of the many students at Lake Michigan Catholic who lives in Bridgman, one city affected by the blizzard.

“It affects me because I hate the snow and no one really likes the snow, it also limits the things we can do around here”.

The snow storms are affecting many students at Lake Michigan Catholic. These following weeks LMC has began spring sports, but with all the snow it is impossible for the the team to practice.

As the snow storms soon begin to clear up, residents in the northeast hope they see more spring showers instead of snow showers.