LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – The Laker boys varsity basketball team played a hard fought District Final game.

It was an exciting game from the beginning, with both teams setting a fast pace and the score almost always even.

To get to this game, the Lakers had beaten River Valley and Countryside. As for Dream Academy, the other district finalist team, they first had to beat Lawrence and then Michigan Lutheran in the semifinals.

The Lakers had the lead on the Dream Academy Toros at the start of the game. With the district title on the line, both team played harder than in the previous two games and they didn’t fail to keep fans on the edges of their seats.

During the first half of the game, the Lakers boys played a high intensity game. The Toros responded to the intensity well, making the game very exciting.

The playing field was very even and it was a close game from the beginning till the end of the half. The Lakers were winning at the end of the half by 10 points.

Soon after the first half, the Toros started to catch up with the Lakers. Tension began to rise not only on the court but within the stands.

The score was neck to neck during the final quarter of the game. Suddenly, the Lakers lost the ball at the last 50 seconds of the game and Dream Academy scored the last points of the game. The final score was 58-59, leaving Dream Academy the winner of the 2017 Districts.