Caroline McLoughlin

LMC HIGH SCHOOL- Saint Patrick’s day is an international holiday in which everybody wears green and eats corned beef, but why does everyone green and who was Saint Patrick anyway?

Saint Patrick was born in 387 AD into a wealthy Christian family. When Patrick was about 16, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland.

There he really turned to God and worked as a slave there for 6 years, until he heard a voice that told him to walk 200 miles to the coast. When he reached the coast there was a ship that took him back to his homeland in the Britain.

Patrick had a connection with the people he met in Ireland even after he left.  Shortly after his ordination, Patrick returned to Ireland to preach to the word of God to the pagans.

Saint Patrick traveled Ireland for the next 40 years, converting many people as he went through the country. Sadly, he died in Saul after he had established the first church in Ireland.

After his death, Saint Patrick became the patron saint of Ireland and every year on his feast day, March 17th, they began to celebrate him and all that he accomplished on the day of his death.

It wasn’t until many of the Irish immigrated to America when the celebration of Saint Patrick began to spread throughout the globe. In the 1700s, the first St. Patrick’s day parade took place.

Secondly, why wear green? Well, green is the color of shamrocks, which Saint Patrick is said to have used to teach the people there about the Trinity.

Another reason, some say, is the that part of the Irish flag is green and that Ireland is known for being so green (the Emerald Isle).

So make sure this Friday to wear green in honor of Saint Patrick’s day but remember who he was and what he did.