LMC Puts On One Last Play of The Year

LMC Puts On One Last Play of The Year

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Laker Drama is putting on the play Sister Act in the upcoming future.  With long and hard practices, they are striving for a great production.

With only only a few practices left and tech week just around the corner, both the students and the Golobs, the directors, are pushing through to make the play the best it can be.

For the seniors in drama, this will be the last play they will take part in at LMC, which will make it very memorable.  The seniors are taking big roles in this play, earning many points that lead to varsity letters.

Freshman Lucy Arbanas is taking on the lead role, playing Deloris.  This is her first time having the main role, which is very honorable and exciting for her.

¨I find the lead a to be a great opportunity.  I feel like I can inspire others and help make sure the people in the audience enjoy what they see in the play.  My job is to keep the play rolling, which is very important and I am thankful for it. I want and audience to appreciate all of the hard work of everyone though, because the play wouldn’t work without every given part.¨

The cost of the play is $5 for students and $10 for adults.  It begins at 7:30 PM and lasts about 2 hours, including intermission.

The play will be March 16th, 17th, and 18th, and the last ones will be March 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Good luck to everyone in the play!