Evan Browne

Evan Browne

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- On Tuesday, March 7th, Junior Evan Browne´s profession took off.  He is a professional “cowbells” with much talent.

Browne´s website was officially launched this week, with help from his friend Seth Collins, junior.  On the website, one can learn a lot about him.

¨My name is Evan Browne and I am a professional cowbellist. I have been playing the cowbell since I was five years old. While other children chose such instruments as the piano or guitar, I fell in love with the sweet, gentle cowbell. I have played the cowbell with several different bands, however, I’m also trying to start a solo act. The cowbell is a beautiful, underappreciated musical delight!  The cowbell is a gorgeous, elegant instrument that is great on it’s own, but also provides a twangy western bell sound that compliments any music group. Far superior to the church, hand, or sleigh bell, the cowbell brings a modern sort of regality to the bell genre of music. Apart from playing the cowbell, I enjoy, miniature golf, reading, and the gentle art of needlecraft.¨

Along with the website is a link to Evan Brownes go fund me page (https://www.gofundme.com/cowbellist).  Here Evan expects to raise $1550 to purchase a cowbell chromatic set.

Though Brown wasn’t looking for or expecting much fame, he is the main talk at school.  He doesn’t hate all of this attention.

¨In this journey we call life, I hold three things close to my heart, my family, my freedom, and my cowbell. I never expected this fame or even want it, but I welcome it. I feel that the artistry that is required to play the cowbell is taken for granted. People view it as a joke, and I’m just glad I can be the one to legitimise is to the public.¨

Mr. Thomas Adams, the high school math teacher, posted a video of Evan playing the cowbell to many tunes on his YouTube channel.  In just an hour, the video had about 20 views and everyone was talking about it.

Brown is available to perform the cowbell at events such as birthday parties, weddings, and much more. Though he hasn’t had any gigs yet, he is very excited for any opportunity that might arise.

Good luck to Evan Browne and his career of being a cowbellist!