Caroline McLoughlin

ST. JOSEPH HIGH SCHOOL- The Lake Michigan Catholic Robotics team has been working very hard for their competition this Saturday at the St. Joseph High School.

More than 40 teams from all over Michigan will be attending the meet, which is one of several that are held in many different locations throughout the U.S.

The LMC Robotics team has been working diligently on their robot this year and they work together after school at Eco Technologies in St. Joe.

The competition is an elimination style competition. When the competition gets down to the top four finalist, they are allowed to pick two other teams that have been eliminated and make an alliance with them to enhance their team.

The Robotic match theme is First Steamworks. The theme allows the teams to create robots with certain abilities to earn points for their team.

On Saturday morning at 8:00, the pits will open and then the opening ceremonies begin at 9. The matches then begin at 9:30 after the matches they top four teams then proceed to do the alliance selections.

The playoffs begin, after lunch, at 2:00. Lastly there will be awards at 5:00 pm and the pits will close at 6:30 Saturday night.

Teacher and mentor Mr. Tom Adams thinks that the Robotic meets can be more exciting than a basketball game.

“They play lots of current music and they have lights that go all over the place, it’s really fun.”

Along with the fun music and lights, there is a concession stand and admittance is free. Be sure to go and support the Laker Robotics team on Saturday from 9 am – 5 pm.