Boys Varsity Basketball Seniors Say Goodbye

Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Currently the boys varsity basketball team is battling for the 2017 District Championship title. As their basketball season begins to end, the seniors have several thoughts about their last moments on the court and with their teammates.

This year’s seniors are Ryan Tidey, Jackson McLoughlin, Nati Schuenamen, Andrew Zuhl and Ian Cartwright. Almost all the seniors have been playing since they freshmen in highschool. Their coach, John MacCart, has been their coach for four years.

Coach MacCart has enjoyed coaching this five seniors and his favorite memories was how they made the team better everyday. “I will miss being around them-they have all grown into fine gentleman-they have multiple talents and skills, are kind and considerate and serve as role models for our students every day. It has been a blessing to have this opportunity.”

The majority of the seniors favorite memory was beating Bridgman, currently the boys are 15-6. The seniors were so proud of beating Bridgman, however, not only did they beat on of their toughest teams but they had also beat Brandywine who was ranked 5th in state.

Ryan Tidey’s favorite memory was dunking. For these seniors, they are not only going to miss playing on the court but they are going to miss each other, their teammates, coaches, and their postgame celebrations.

Kyle Juza, junior, is very close to the seniors.

“I’m going to miss their smiles, especially Ian’s giggle.”

The varsity basketball boys are known to be successful in the sport. However, there is so much more behind all the wins and losses.

The boys basketball team shows the true relationship of a team.  Come and support the boys at the House of Noise for Districts!