Lakers Go Three for Three Against the Bees

Lakers Go Three for Three Against the Bees

Nathan Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – On Tuesday, February 28, the boys varsity basketball team beat the Bridgman Bees 52-46 in a regular season game. This was the third sport that the Lakers had upset the Bees in this year.

Earlier this school year, the LMC football and soccer teams beat the Bees in district games that they were expected to lose. Ryan Tidey, senior, is on both the soccer team and the basketball team, and played a big role in each.

“It was really satisfying to beat them in the three big sports, especially since they are bigger and expected to be better.”

Also, this basketball game was so big because it was leading up to districts and it was senior night, so it was a great confidence boost for the team, right when they needed it. Coach McCart, the varsity basketball coach, was very excited to get the win when they did.

“It was a very big game for the whole team, especially for our seniors who don’t get to play as much. Also, it gave us an opportunity to get some really good shots and to get people comfortable in their positions.”

The Lakers have been playing very well against the Bees this year, even when it is least expected. Come out to support the Laker basketball team as they fight for the district title.