Athletic Spotlight: #14 and #30

Athletic Spotlight: #14 and #30

Allana Cunha

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – On Thursday, March 2nd, the varsity basketball team took on Brandywine at the House of Noise and came out playing strong.  Brandywine came in with their heads high and ranked fifth in the state, but soon after the game began, LMC took initiative and showed who the real winners were with a final score of 61-53.  

Two junior boys showed how well one can play when they keep your head in the game.  Tommy Koenig finished the game with 17 points and five 3-pointers and Connor Christensen with 18 points.  

Koenig and Christensen have been playing basketball since their freshmen year.  As the years progressed, they’ve made much progress in the sport and as leaders.

Basketball teammate and senior, Ian Cartwright, has been a teammate to Koenig and Christensen since their freshmen year and has seen them grow in the sport.

“As the years went by, Tommy and Connor became more confident with their shot selection.”

Coach John MacCart has coached the boys for three years and he has seen them progress since their freshmen year.

Tom and Connor were both good players before I had the privilege of coaching them.  They are quiet leaders, choosing to lead more by example than with their voice.  Tommy rebounds well and runs the floor-he gets our team going in transition.  Connor has quick hands and is a defensive stopper in addition to shooting well-he usually manages to get the ball where it belongs and knock down big shots.  Both players fill multiple roles on our team and make us better.”

With only one year left, Tommy Koenig and Connor Christensen will continue to progress in the game and as teammates.  Best of luck to them as they come to finish their basketball season!