Lake Michigan Catholic Competitive Cheer Team Goes to Regionals for Final Cheer Meet

Lake Michigan Catholic Competitive Cheer Team Goes to Regionals for Final Cheer Meet

Katie Wertheimer

CALEDONIA HIGH SCHOOL– On Saturday, February 25, the Lake Michigan Catholic competitive cheer team competed at their regional cheer meet in Caledonia. All thirteen girls were able to perform in all three rounds wonderfully and cleanly, making themselves and the Laker community very proud.

That day, all the cheerleaders and coaches came to the school to have a  lunch as a team for the last time.  The girls then left for the final competition of the season.

This competition was a very big deal for the Laker squad. Not only was it the first time the competitive cheer team has qualified for regionals, but they were making drastic changes to their rounds that the coaches never believed could have been a possibility.

For round one, they moved the number of girls on the mat from six to eleven performing. With all the different formations and moves, it was a difficult adjustment, but the young ladies performed beautifully with a score of 201.00.

Next was round two for the girls where they pulled out all the stops and did very well. They were able to perfect their timing and tumbles and scored 180.66

With two rounds down and one more to go, it was time for round three and the girls were very excited. The team put two stunt groups in the round with a total of eleven people.

With this large change, the girls were very nervous but excited to prove themselves. The girls went out on the mat and did fabulously, nailing every stunt, allowing them to score 381.66.

With one girl sick and two bases recovering from injuries, the team was very nervous about how the meet would go, but it was a great day for the Lakers.

Ashley Herrera, freshman and flyer, had to step in when her teammate was too sick to compete and she did a great job.

“I was scared to go in for my teammate. Going from doing one stunt in round three to doing almost all of them and going in for her in round one, it was very nerve-wrecking, but I didn’t want to let my team down. I am very proud of my team and I think that we did a really good job. I was very happy with the changes made in the rounds because it gave everyone a chance to be on the mat for our last competition.”

Once the competition was over and the scores were announced, it was revealed that the squad had a total score of and came in twelfth place.

Senior captain, Emily Zilke, was very proud of her team and happy that her goal of making it to regionals was finally a reality.

“I’m so happy that this team was able to fulfill my four year dream of Making it to regionals. I’m so happy and proud of them and I can’t wait to see how the program progresses in the future.”

Head coach, Josh Fairbanks, had a very similar feeling about the event.

“Regionals was our chance to celebrate the season and our accomplishments. We went into the week with realistic expectations and decided that instead of fighting for the ninth or eighth Place, that we wanted to get as many girls on the mat as possible. We are lucky to have so many talented girls and everyone was able to complete that night. It was a great climax for the year as it took everyone on the squad contributing for us to reach our goals.”

This year was a great year for the Lake Michigan Catholic competitive cheer team. Making it to regionals was a wonderful way to end the season and it is clear that the future of the program is bright.