Rock Dog Movie Review

Rock Dog Movie Review

Melanie Kibler

UNITED STATES – Rock Dog is a movie about a dog who wants to be a musician, a film great for dog lovers.

The movie starts out with a flashback of when wolves attacked a village of lambs.  Then a Tibetan Mastiff named Khampa (J.K. Simmons) stopped the wolves with his fire power.

In the present Kemp’s son named Bodi (Lake Wilson) has decided that he doesn’t want to protect the sheep village;  he actually wants to play music.

His dad banned anyone playing music, because he felt that it distracted Bodi.  That was until a radio fell from the sky and talked all about rock music.

Body decides that he wants to go to the city to play music and Khampa feels that he can’t stop him.  So he lets Bodi go to the city.

What they both don’t know is that the wolves have not actually left, but they are just waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.  The wolves decided to follow Bodi into the city.

Bodi gets to meet his hero Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard).  Then, with the help of Angus, Body goes back to his village to help defend it from the wolves.

This movie only rated a 2 on the “Kibby Movie Scale.”  It is not the kind of movie that should be on the big screen.

The animation was okay, but there were a couple of things that looked off.  It didn’t work as well as it should.

The actors played their parts well.  It wasn’t their fault that the movie got such a low rating.

Really the main problem with this movie was the story line.  It was almost like the writers couldn’t make up their mind on which direction they wanted to go.

This is an okay kids movie, but adults should wait until it comes out on DVD before watching it.  Money would be better spent on an ice cream cone rather than this movie.