The Tadams Tee


Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL- Many people know and love the high school math teacher, but do they like him enough to wear his face on their shirts?  Mr. Tom Adams, also known as “Tadams,” is now selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to help raise money for the middle school robotics team

Mr. Adams is the mentor for the robotics team so that is why he is helping with a fun fundraiser.

“I really only did this because the robotics team was going through all of our old info and they saw a picture of me.  Then one of the students said that he would pay money to have that picture one a tee shirt.”

 The idea for the shirt design actually came from the robotics team itself.  It started as a joke and then the eighth graders kept asking Mr. Adams to make a t-shirt for almost two months.Mr. Adams, after months of pleading, finally relented.

“I took the picture that they liked and sketched it on my smartboard.  I made my order form and sent it out to the kids.”

Mr. Adams wasn’t actually expecting people to buy the shirts  “People actually want them, based on the emails and questions I’m getting.”

If Mr. heath gives his approval, the shirt could be part of the weekly spirit day uniform.  Mr. Adams has said that it would very funny to walk down the hall and see his face on people’s shirts.

Chloe Simmons, freshman, isn’t a huge fan of the t-shirts.  

“I think that they aren’t needed.”  

On the other hand, Mariah Sirk, freshman, really likes the idea of the t-shirts.  

“I think that are really cool and it’s fun that Mr. Adam got to make his own shirt.”

If anyone is interested in buying a t-shirt, contact Mr. Adams for the order forms.