Silence in the House of Noise

Silence in the House of Noise

Nathan Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – The LMC high school gym is called the “House of Noise,” so why is it so quiet? It originally earned this name because of the large, loud, and rowdy student section it is known to have.

Lately, the student section has shown the exact opposite during most games. Ben Janson, senior, is the leader of the student section and has been working to liven it up.

“We encourage people to go to games by tweeting it, putting it on the announcements, and spreading the word at school, but some people just say that the games are are boring or that they have things to do.”

Janson continued to say that the student section had a lot of school spirit, and even that the student section makes a big difference for the teams in getting a win.

Adriana Nerio, a sophomore who plays for the girls varsity basketball team, agrees that the student section makes a big difference for the players, but disagrees, saying that the school spirit is weak.

“When we are on the court, it really motivates us to push ourselves harder, but there is not much participation; seniors need to motivate other students and find a reason for students to go to the game and cheer.”

Whether students think that the student section is good or not, both sides agree that a student section that has a lot of school spirit is very motivating for the players. Take some time to cheer on the Laker basketball team and other programs. Upcoming games include a girls varsity basketball game on Monday, 2/27, and another girls varsity basketball game on 3/1.