Caroline McLoughlin

LMC HIGH SCHOOL-  It is the time of year when seniors make their final decisions on what college they will attend in the upcoming fall. Many seniors have either picked the college they want to attend or have it narrowed down to two schools of their liking.

The question is what is it about college that make high school graduates want to attend there?  After talking to four seniors, all going or thinking about going to different schools, some answers have been found.

Allana Cunha is one of the seniors who is still undecided but has narrowed her choices to Michigan State and the University of Michigan. She doesn’t have any sort of choosing process, but she did say that visiting colleges helps give an idea of what it might be like to go there.

Allana says she is leaning towards U of M mainly because she wants to go into engineering and Michigan is a good engineering school.

As for Jackson McLoughlin, who is still undecided on what he wants to go into next year, he has decided to go to Marquette University. Jack’s reasons were more of a gut feeling after visiting Marquette and Butler.

“It just felt right.”

Emily Zilke, who has signed to go to Davenport University for their cheerleading program, wants to go into business which Davenport is known for.

“I knew I would do better at a smaller school, so that and their business program made it an easy decision for me.”

Lastly, Molly Cutter will be attending Saint Mary’s College next year either pursuing elementary education or social works. Molly’s decision to go to Saint Mary’s was based on the tri-college with Holy Cross and Notre Dame as well as the family history she has with the Saint Mary’s.

All in all, it simply depends on what the student is interested in going into and their preferences of a bigger school, a smaller school, and what the school specializes in.