Next Stop… Regionals


Katie Wertheimer

LAWTON HIGH SCHOOL– Last week, February 17, LMC’s varsity competitive cheer team competed at their most intense meet yet: districts. These 13 young women made the Laker community proud with a mind-blowing performance.

The day started right after dismissal from school with the bus ride to Lawton High School. The girls were clearly pumped to show their stuff, but very nervous as well.

With multiple seniors graduating this year, including girls who have been on the team since the relaunch of the program in 2013, victory was very important to the cheerleaders. In order to qualify for regionals, they had to come in at least fourth place among twelve other teams in their division.

Upon arrival at the school, the girls immediately started preparing for their first round of competition. All rehearsing went smoothly for the Lakers before they took the mat almost directly after the National Anthem was sang.

With an amazing performance put on by the Lakers and a score of 206.7 for round one, their spirits began to rise as they prepared for round two. As they practiced their tumbling, jumps, and precision drill for the round, they had high hopes for this competition.

Other than a few small errors, the Lakers put on a great show in their second round of competition. With perfectly timed skills, they scored 181.88, the highest ever accomplished in round two in all four years of the program.

It was so far so good for the team as they headed into their final round of competition. With every stunt hitting and tumbles going perfectly during practices, the girls were ready to give it one final go.

As they took the mat for round three, with the crowd cheering them on, the butterflies vanished and they put on the best round three performance they had ever done. They girls scored 388.58, an amazing feat.

As they exited the mat, they were joined by their coaches and fellow teammates in hugs and tears of joy. Head coach, Josh fairbanks, exclaimed that he could not have been been more proud of his girls and their accomplishments.

“As a coach, Friday night was the reason you put in so much time, effort, money, etc. To get to see your team all together when it mattered most meant the world. To see all of their dedication and hard work pay off was the perfect way to honor our senior leaders and to have our freshmen put the entire District on notice. The Lakers aren’t going anywhere.”

Senior cheerleader, Maddie Markoch, felt very similar with the girls performances.

“I thought it went really well. The fact that we got third just made it even better.”

The girls waited to hear their score and placement with their sister squad, Bridgman, and had a great feeling about their fate.

It was finally time to announce the scores. The team held hands in eagerness,waiting to see if all the tears, sweat, and hard -work had finally paid off and they had accomplished their goal of four years.

As the announcer slowly announced every team’s place, the cheerleaders could barely contain their excitement. Finally, they announced LMC had come in third place!

This declaration brought the girls to tears of joy and relief.  After coming in fifth for the last two years, third place was a dream come true.

Next week, Saturday, February 25, The girls are heading to Caledonia High School to compete at regionals. Good luck Girls!