Lake Michigan Catholic Annual Mini Cheer Fundraiser


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC– Last night, LMC’s competitive cheer team hosted their annual Mini Cheer fundraiser. The three-day event was for elementary school girls, grades kindergarten through fifth grade, could learn what it takes to be a part of the Laker Cheer family.  

The event started on monday, February 6, in the elementary school cafeteria where 35 five girls joined, very eager to learn. They were led by sideline cheer coach, Michelle Fairbanks, along with varsity cheerleaders, Brianna Allen, senior, Katie Wertheimer, freshman, and Ashley Herrera, freshman.

The practice started with stretches and warm ups led by the varsity cheerleaders, and then moved into teaching basic skills such as hitting a high V and jumps. Only fifteen minutes into the day, it was clear that they had many natural cheerleaders in the bunch.

Next, they moved onto learning cheers to perform from the sidelines at the girls varsity basketball game on Tuesday, February 14. The mini cheerleaders couldn’t wait to show their stuff.

Along with the cheers, the girls also learned a dance that they performed at half-time. With all of the sassy dance moves, jumps, and stunts, it is no wonder these cheerleaders were excited to present it to the crowd.

The day of the performance started with the girls coming to the high school after school where they picked up their custom Laker T-shirt and bows. They then practiced their dance with the help of the coaches and the varsity competitive cheer team.
When it was time for the game, the girls showed some spirit while cheering the first three quarters of the game, eagerly waiting for halftime where they would perform their dance.

When halftime finally rolled around, the mini cheerleaders did their dance, completely blowing away the audience with how much they had learned and improved with just three days of practice. Their natural skill and rhythm left even the varsity cheerleaders impressed.

Varsity freshman cheerleader, Ashley Herrera, worked with the mini cheerleaders one on one and was very proud of all of their progress.

“I am very proud of all of the mini cheerleaders and happy that I got to apart of mini cheer. They all have a lot of natural talent and I hope they all stick with it.”

Head sideline coach, Michelle Fairbanks, had a very similar feeling about the fundraiser.

“Mini cheer went very well. We had a total of 35 girls, grades k-4, sign up. All the girls seemed super excited about cheer and seened to have had a blast. I think the future of the program looks amazing!”

This event not only raised money for the LMC cheer program, but roped in cheerleaders from future generations. After their performance on Tuesday night, it is very apparent that the future of LMC Cheer is bright.