Band Trip – Day 4

Band Trip - Day 4

Erika Spafford


ORLANDO – Today was the last day in Disney World for the LMCHS band and the students spent it in Animal Kingdom.  Most of the group arrived at 9:00 AM when the park opened, however, the band members who did not participate in the Y.E.S. program in the Magic Kingdom yesterday took part in one this morning.

Lucy Arbanas, freshman and trumpeter, was part of the zoology program, which began very early this morning.  Arbanas, similar to other band members who had been in the Y.E.S. program, believed it to be an awesome experience.

“The Y.E.S. program was educational and inspiring.  The program was hands on and innovative.  I really enjoyed discussing possible careers and learning about taking care of the animals.”

Mr. Joe Jarvie was enthusiastic about the students participating in the Y.E.S. programs and thought they were beneficial.

“These programs give the students unique insight into areas of study which are not always readily available to high school students.”

Once the program ended, the students were free to galavant around the park and view the wildlife.  The most popular ride, by far, was Expedition Everest, with students going on it multiple times in a row, regardless of the wait time.

Though it was initially closed due to technical difficulties, once it opened, students hopped on to the high-speed coaster to catch a glimpse of the fearsome yeti. Other popular rides were the Kilimanjaro Safari and Dinosaur.

On the 22 minute Safari ride, the high schoolers were able to see African wildlife such as lions, rhinos, hippos, giraffes, and elephants.  This ride offered a peaceful and laid back break for the students, much unlike Dinosaur.

In Dinosaur, the high schoolers sat in time traveling cars that get up close to carnivorous dinos ready for a snack.  Although bumpy and loud, the ride was enjoyed by all.

The teens now have to tackle their final stop: Universal Studios.  Although it’s hard for them to say goodbye to Disney, they are anxious for what awaits them tomorrow.