Band Trip – Day 3


Erika Spafford


ORLANDO – The Magic Kingdom was the park the band students visited today, and it was by far the most anticipated.  Multiple students woke up bright and early before the park opened to participate in Disney’s Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) program.

The students in the Y.E.S. program were able to go behind the scenes at the Magic Kingdom and learn how certain rides work.  For example, some of the high schoolers were able to ride on Space Mountain with the lights turned on and learn the physics behind the coaster’s speed.

Grant DeFrancesco, senior and four-year trombonist, participated in the Magic Kingdom’s Y.E.S. Program.

“Our Y.E.S. program gave us an insight to not only how some of the rides function but how the same concepts of physics applies to all of them to make them work and operate as reliably and consistently as needed.”

Since a majority of the group was in the park before it opened, the students were able to ride various coasters without the long wait.  Though the park officially opened at 9:00 AM, all of the band members were ready to keep going and run around.

The crowd became thicker and thicker as time passed, but that did not stop the determined teens from going on their desired rides.  Some of the most popular rides amongst the students were Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Haunted Mansion.  

Of course, food was also another attraction the high schoolers could not resist.  Ice cream, smoothies, french fries, and fried chicken were only but a few of the delicacies the students consumed.

Chloe Simmons, freshman and clarinetist, had a great day in Magic Kingdom.

“Magic Kingdom was really fun.  My friend got to go on It’s a Small World for the first time.  Overall, the rides were the best part.”

Tomorrow will be the Lakers’ last day in Disney World before heading to Universal Studios.  Animal Kingdom is up next for the group and is sure to be a blast.