Band Trip – Day 2


Erika Spafford


ORLANDO – Today, the Lakers visited Disney World’s Epcot.  When the park gates opened at 9:00 AM, the high schoolers were ready to go, however, the first line they encountered was not that of a ride, but of the security checkpoint.

Hundreds of people were flocking into the park upon opening, so the students were staggered throughout.  After what seemed to be forever for some of them, they all made it through and the fun officially began.  

The kids spent the day roaming the park’s famous World Showcase and going on action-packed and gentle rides such as Test Track and Spaceship Earth.  One of the most anticipated rides was the Norway exhibit’s newest addition: Frozen Ever After.

In this ride, students sat on a boat which took them on a music-filled tour of Elsa’s ice castle and some of Arendelle.  Food was another popular feature of today, especially within the World Showcase.

Japan, China, and France were only a few of the countries students visited to satisfy their appetites.  Benjamin Johnston, freshman, believed today to be unforgettable.

“The global theme was simply amazing.  Being able to go to different “countries” and experience a taste of their culture, food, and entertainment was exemplary.  The Future World portion was also super fun [and] all of the making of the “World of Tomorrow” was super nifty.”

To top off an already amazing day, at 9:00 PM, the band was able to experience Epcot’s magical fireworks and lasers display: IllumiNations.  Taking place in the center of the park’s lagoon, hundreds of fireworks and lasers were launched, their colors filling the night sky.

Johnston, like his peers, found the closing show astounding.

“The light show at the end was the cherry on the cake.  It was beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.  It was all a wonderful experience, and I’d gladly do it again.”

Once the show finished, the group once again had to load back up onto the bus and head to the hotel.  Another exciting day awaits the high schoolers tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom.