The Lakers Reach New Goal at Parchment


Katie Wertheimer

PARCHMENT HIGH SCHOOL– On Wednesday, January 25, LMC’s very own competitive cheer team competed at Parchment High School. The team made their school very proud with a performance that left people amazed.   They performed well in rounds one and two and were able to accomplish a season goal of theirs in round three: to have back tucks!

Senior captain, Emily Zilke, and freshman, Mariah Sirk, have been working hard all season to achieve this skill and they have finally done it. This accomplishment left the team feeling very proud and they were able to gain extra points that slid them right into third place at their conference meet.

Though not all of the stunts in the remainder of the round were solid, the team was very happy for the girls who reached their long time goal. Zilke had been working since the last competitive season to nail her standing back.

“Honestly, I thought I would never be able to get my tuck and throwing it on the mat was probably my favorite moment of competing throughout high school! I’m just really excited that I finally got it! “

Sirk, a new cheerleader who was able to perform a running round-off, handspring, back tuck at the meet, has a natural talent for all things tumbling. Since her first practice, Sirk has been able to get her back walkover, back handspring, running tumbles, aerial, and now, her running back tuck.

She continues to amaze not only her fellow cheerleaders, but her coaches as well. Sirk was very proud of herself and is very excited to learn her next skill.

“I’m proud of everyone’s effort, and of the people who stepped up and showed  what they had. To be honest, I was nervous about doing my back tuck, but the adrenaline I had  gave me the confidence to do it.”

The head cheer coach, Josh Fairbanks, was very proud of all of the girls on the team for their performance on Wednesday.

“I feel like even though we missed a couple stunts and had a couple issues at the end of our round 3, this competition was the first time we got to see what our team can really do this year. We are so proud of Zilke and Miah for being the ones to hit tucks for the first time. That milestone is huge. We are ready to push ahead and finish the season as victors.”

Good luck to the cheerleaders at their future competitions!