Monster Trucks Review

Melanie Kibler

Director Chris Wedge brings to the screen a hilarious and family-friendly movie by the name of Monster Trucks.  This movie is acceptable for everyone from eight on and is a must see.

It starts out with an explosion at the oil factory resulting in the release of three creatures out of the drilled hole.  Two of the these creatures are caught by the company, but they can’t find the third.  

The creature ends up in a junkyard where young Tripp (Lucas Till) works.  Trip starts to notice that things are weird when the gas tanks are ripped from the old cars.  

Tripp decides to catch the creature by baiting a trap with oil.  He catches the monster and decides to keep it and he names it “Creech.”

To help hide Creech from the bad guys, Tripp gets the help of his tutor, Meredith (Jane Levy).  Creech seemed to like living under the hood of Trip’s car and acting as an engine so they hid him there.

Monster Trucks scored a 4.48 on the Kibby Movie Scale.  It was a very cute and funny movie for the whole family to enjoy.

The animation was flat out fantastic, because Creech and the other monsters like him were fully animated.  The monsters looked very realistic.

One thing that was really special about this movie was all the car stunts.  They had cars flipping over other cars, cars going into skids, cars zooming around one other and even a car that climbs up a wall.

The acting was pretty great.  Each actor played their part as per necessary, but there was nothing truly over the top.

Even still everyone in should go see this movie to enjoy the greatness of it.