The Women’s March in the United States

The Women’s March in the United States

Allana Cunha

UNITED STATES – The Women’s March took place in big cities around the United States on January 21, 2017 to protest against Donald Trump and for women’s rights.  This march is now known as the largest, mostly peaceful, one in U.S. history.

Across the United States, there were between 3.3 million to 4.6 million people marching for their beliefs.  Some of the largest protests took place in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Seattle (see the picture above to see exact numbers).

Some of the signs that the women used in the marches across the United States will now be headed to museums and libraries across the globe.  

The Women’s March was such a success that a website ( was made for it.  In the website, a new campaign was launched called 10 Actions for the first 100 Days.  “[E]very 10 days we will take action on an issue we all care about, starting today.”  

To participate, the first action is to write to senators about what personally matters the most to an individual.  The other actions have not yet been released.

Hannah Starr, senior, thinks that the Women’s March was a great idea.

“I think it’s a great idea because they are voicing their ideas and not rioting…there should be more powerful women in this world.”

Ryan Tidey, senior, is indifferent about women’s rights and the march itself.

“I am indifferent in my side, to me, since I have never experienced the problems women have, I cannot decide which side I support”.

The Women’s March was a successful protest that received much attention.  By working together, women will be able to achieve anything.