The Search of MH370 Suspended


Christy Zhou

MALAYSIA – The search of the missing plane MH370 (Malaysia Airlines Flight) had been suspended after nearly three years.

The airplane vanished from radar on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board. Since then, nothing has been seen of the plane except for pieces of debris that floated far from the original focus.

The flaperon was the first piece of possible debris found. In September 2015, French judicial authorities  examined it confirmed that it did come from flight MH370.

The International Searching group had searched over 45,000 square miles of the Indian Ocean, where the experts initially said the plane was most likely to be.

The search was suspended Tuesday, NPR’s Anthony Kuhn reports.

“The transportation ministers of Malaysia, China, and Australia issued a joint statement, saying that despite their best efforts, the search had come up empty,” Anthony says. “They added that their decision to suspend the search was not made lightly, or without sadness.”

But more recent analysis stated that the plane might never be in the search area at all. A report suggested it may have been located slightly north — in a 10,000-square mile section of ocean that hasn’t been searched yet.

But the all of the governments that were organizing and funding the search decided that information wasn’t specific enough to justify expanding the search zone.

Mrs. Linda Schemenauer, high school math and civics teacher, thought that was the right decision due to the amount of time and money they have spent on it.

“I agree it was time to call off the search. They have spent more than enough time and money spent. I would have called it off a long time ago.”

Ben Johnston, freshman, on the other hand, pitied the people on the plane.

“I feel bad for the people were possibly in the plane, because now is kind of there last hope was gone.”

It might be the right decision considering if the countries continued doing this, that would cost a lot of money. However, this does not offer any closure to the families of the missing passengers.

Voice370, which represents the relatives of the flight’s passengers and crew, issued a statement saying the group was “dismayed” by the decision.

It has never been clear why the plane crashed in the first place.

“If the plane is never found, the reasons for its disappearance and crash will probably never be known, though Malaysia has said the plane’s erratic movements after takeoff were consistent with deliberate actions.”