Pep Rally

Melanie Kibler

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC-On Friday, January 20th, the students of LMC enjoyed a fun and interesting pep rally.  The pep rally, hosted by the cheerleaders, was to get people excited for that night’s Winterfeast game.

At the pep rally, there were many activities for the students to participate in.  Each activity was fun to watch, fun to participate in, and very creative.  

The activities included a dance off, a pie eating contest, a basketball shooting game, a sibling basketball carrying contest, a tug of war contest, and then the famous “Let’s Go Blue” cheer.  Each of the activities helped pump up students for the basketball game.

The dance off featured the senior boys, who were split into two teams led by the senior cheerleaders: Hannah Starr and Maddie Markoch’s team vs. Brianna Allen and Emily Zilke’s team.  

Allen, proud of her team’s performance, was sure of their victory.

“In my humble opinion my team won.”

After the dance off, there was the pie eating contest.  While all the participants did their best to eat their pie, Kyle Jusa, junior, won the title of Fastest Pie Eater.

Then there was a game where the contestants spun in a circle, with a pool noodle between their legs, and tried to shoot a basket.  It was a boy versus girl competition, and the boys won.

After that, there was a sibling contest where they had to carry a basketball between them without using hands.  The sibling team that won was the McLoughlin siblings.

Then there was a tug-of-war contest between all the grades.  While the juniors and seniors went on to the final round, the seniors came out victorious.

After that, all the students of LMC did the “Let’s Go Blue” cheer.  The sixth graders were the winners even though the seniors used the microphone.

Senior Emily Zilke gave some insight about how the cheerleaders prepare for the pep rally.  

“To prepare we have to come up with the games first and then we have to fit the most people we can in each game.”

“The pep rally was truly amazing and I think that the senior cheerleaders really went out with a bang.” Freshmen Kathleen Krieger said.

Congrats on the cheerleaders for creating an amazing pep rally for our school.