Lakers Power Through in Overtime

Nathan Janson

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL – This past Friday, January 20th, the boys varsity basketball team played their rival, Michigan Lutheran, in the Winterfest game. Both fans and players expected to win fairly easily, but it came down to the wire.

The Lakers started off strong early in the game, steadily increasing their lead. When the third quarter came to an end, it seemed that they were going to easily get the win, but ML seemed to disagree.

When the fourth quarter began, ML started making basket after basket, most of the points coming off free throws. Both teams were in the double bonus (two free throws for any foul), so when the referees seemed to call a foul every single time an ML player was touched, there wasn’t much the Lakers could do except for play a very careful defense.

All of the fans, from both teams, were going wild every time a point was scored because everyone knew that each basket would change the result of the entire game. Although the Titans were down by 11 heading into the 4th quarter, they couldn’t be stopped.

They were able to tie it up with under 30 seconds to go, forcing Coach McCart to use a timeout to set up a final play. The Lakers began passing it around to run down the clock, until the last second when Tommy Koenig shot a 3 pointer for the win. Everyone went silent in suspense, until the ball just barely missed, forcing the game into overtime.

In high school basketball, the overtime only lasts four minutes, so it mostly just depended on which team was willing to fight harder for the win. Right at the start, Corey Seager, junior, drained a three pointer to take the lead, and the momentum.

After that it was all uphill for the Lakers. They continued to score, while allowing ML to score only a few more times in the last four minutes of overtime.

When the final buzzer sounded, the LMC crowd went crazy, congratulating all of the players. Corey Seager lead the team in points, scoring 26, playing a big role in the Laker win.

“26 points was pretty great to have, and eight for eight on free throws was pretty special, especially in overtime.”

This was a great game for the Lakers, adding another win to their record, and boosting their confidence even higher. Their next game will be against Cassopolis on Monday, January 23.