2017 Winterfest Lock-in


Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – After several wins and a loss against the Michigan Lutheran basketball teams, LMC students celebrated their Winterfest week with a Lock-in on January 20th.

The Lock-in had a variety of activities throughout the night, which lasted from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Some activities were a bubble soccer tournament, a euchre tournament, movies, and much more.

The sophomore and freshmen class both hosted the Lock-in and it was said to be a huge success. The bubble soccer tournament was perhaps the students’ favorite part.

During the tournament, students were cheering on the players and having a great time.

Additionally, Caleb Conklin, sophomore, was narrating the entire tournament. The fans off the court were very amused by Conklin’s narrating.

Students were having a great time when Mr. Heath and Ben Janson who won money and the euchre tournament. Ben Janson, senior, was proud of their accomplishment.

“We were undefeated, no one could score more than six points against us, it was a great competition that no one can beat against us.”

The Lock-in is known to be the most fun and the biggest event at LMC, so many memories are created at the Lock-in. Bailey Siglow, freshman, had a great first high school experience at the Lock in.

“I had such a fun time and I created so many memories, my favorite part was the sleep room”.

Overall, the Lock-in was considered a success to all the students who went and many still look forward to next year’s Lock-in