Drama Cast Interview

Christy Zhou

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS – Laker Drama’s spring musical this year is Sister Act. This show is the adaptation of the famous movie Sister Act (1992) starring Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act is a comedic American musica;. It’s the story about Deloris van Cartier, a nightclub singer, who witnesses her boyfriend,Vince, killed somebody.

In order to evade Vince’s murderous wrath, Deloris seeks sanctuary in a convent.  Little to her knowledge she will soon bring about some much needed change to the place.

Mrs. Golob chose Sister Act because she believed it to be a good play for Lakers to do.

“ When choosing a play or musical for the drama club, we look at who our currents members are and how many we have. After that, we try to select a show that has the majority of those available. In this case, we have a large number of females in the drama club and needed to select a show with a lot of female parts. We also try to pick a show that will be fun for the cast to do and fun for the audiences to watch. Sister Act was a good fit on both points.”

Lucy Arbanas, freshman, plays Deloris in the show and is eager to start her fourth drama production.

“I joined Laker Drama because my friends forced me, but then I fell in love with it. Indeed I do especially because of all the great memories live made there. Please come see the show and join drama!”

The male lead, Vince, in this show is the tech director, Grant DeFrancesco, senior.  Surprisingly, he didn’t join drama initially to act.

“[I joined] to learn the skills needed for building sets, and operating the lights [and] a sound board.”

Elena Douville, senior, has been in Laker Drama for six years, and plays Mother Superior in the show.

“I’ve always been a shy person, so I wanted to find a way to express myself more.”

Brianna Allen, senior, is also one of the nuns. However, this is her first time Laker Drama production throughout her entire high school career.

“I am excited to make new friends (in Drama)!”

Good luck with the show, Lakers!