Girls Varsity Basketball Winterfest Game

Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – On Friday, January 20th, LMC had their annual Winterfest basketball games against Michigan Lutheran.  The girls varsity game took place at 6:00PM and was definitely not their best.

Michigan Lutheran, the opponent, had both a really good offense and defence. Their strong offense helped them power through with points, and their defence helped hold our team back from scoring.

Michigan Lutheran’s great basketball program really shone through in this game.  They played a phenomenal game which brought them the win.

It was definitely not the girls’ best game of the year, but they did learn a lot from their loss. Anna Lasata, junior and starter, felt similarly.

“At first we came out nervous because we were worried about playing such an experienced team.  It was difficult for us because for most of us it was our first year on varsity and we were playing a team that had so much experience.  We knew it was going to be a challenge but I don’t think any of us knew how difficult it would truly be.  We tried to prepare in practice, however, it was difficult because we have only a couple tall players whereas ML has several players who are as tall as our tallest player and taller.  In the second and third quarter we were calmer and had sharper passes and better shots against their tough defense, however, toward the end of the fourth quarter we began to fall apart again.  Although this was a tough game I truly believe that after a few more weeks of practice and hard work we will be able to do better against ML the next time we play them.”    

Even though the girls lost, there were some strong points to the game.  Katie Sullivan and Jamie Tidey, juniors, were both extremely aggressive when there was a loose ball; they wouldn’t let go of the ball until the whistle blew.

The star shooter of Michigan Lutheran’s team was Emily Witkowski, a senior.  She scored 23 points which ended up being her 1,000th point of her career point mark.

The score of the game at half time was 37-8 Lutheran, and ending with a final score of 61-14.  Even though the game didn’t go in favor of the LMC girls, it was a tough game that gave the players lots of experience that will help them later in the season.