Girls Varsity Basketball Winterfest Game


Anne Marie Nuter

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- Friday January 20th are the annual Winterfest Basketball games against Michigan Lutheran.

The games are at Lake Michigan Catholic High School gym.  The first game, the JV boys at 4:30PM, Varsity girls at 6:00PM, and the Varsity boys at 7:30PM.

After talking to some of the girls on the varsity team, I was quick to learn how tough the game was going to be.  Michigan Lutheran has an excellent program, but the girls are still going to play their hardest.

Adriana Nerio, a first year varsity basketball player for Lake Michigan Catholic also had a couple of thoughts on how she thinks the game will go.

“To be honest, Michigan Lutheran has a great program. I believe that the score will be close, even if we don’t win. We will play our hardest, and no matter the outcome, I hope it will be a good, game fought until the end.”

Even though the team is making assumptions of their big game, they aren’t going to give up.  They are going to play their hardest because even if they aren’t the better team, they are definitely a good team; which is something they want to prove.

Coach Jarvie, the so to speak “retired basketball coach” has come back to coach one last year, and will be coaching the girls at this game.  The team is very excited to have him as their coach and excited to play for him in this game.                                          

Not only the team, but the whole school gets into these games as well.

Student, Ben Janson, decided the students who attend the game should all wear USA attire to the game.  This helps get the fans into the game, well before it even starts.

The current outlook for the game sofar is pretty good, and we just hope the girls can follow through with a win. Good luck and Go Lakers!