The Competitive Cheerleaders Take Home Another Mighty Win

The Competitive Cheerleaders Take Home Another Mighty Win

Erika Spafford

COLOMA HIGH SCHOOL – The varsity competitive cheer team has done it again, taking home first place medals Monday night after defeating six teams.  This accomplishment comes just two days after placing fourth at the Gull Lake competition.  

Much to the joy of their coaches Josh and Michelle Fairbanks, the girls scored season bests in both Rounds Two and Three.  Coach Josh Fairbanks was very pleased with the outcome of the girls’ most recent competition and couldn’t be more proud of them.

“As a team, our girls have continued to work really hard to improve and this is the meet we really got to see the results  Seniors led, freshmen stepped up and the squad did great.  Boom, boom, highest score in the room.”

Unlike other meets, this competition took place right after school at Coloma High School, so the girls had to get ready quick and board the bus.

Upon arrival, the girls were tired but ready to get to work.  After several practice runs, LMC was first on the mat.

The starting six set a strong tone for the rest of the teams to match.  In Round One, the cheerleaders did well, scoring 192.30 points, only a few points shy of their season best.

When the time for Round Two came along, the girls were nervous but determined.  Though during warmups the round didn’t seem to be at its best, upon its performance, the cheerleaders wowed the crowd as well as the other teams.

Not only did their timing and voices improve significantly, but all six of the girls hit their back walkovers flawlessly.  Because of this, the girls scored a season best of 166.36 points in Round Two.

Thanks to the adrenaline from cheering and performing Round Two, the rest of the team was ready for Round Three.  Though in warmups there were some minor issues, the girls on the mat dominated the round.

None of the stunts failed and all of their motions were tight, thus allowing them to score yet another season best of 257.80 points.  When it came time to announce scores, the girls were not expecting anything major to happen.

However, the girls became suspicious when they noticed their coaches filming them.  When the announcer said LMC’s final score was 616.46 points, the girls were ecstatic, screaming, clapping, and hugging.

This new high score meant that LMC had beat out Coloma’s varsity team, the competition’s hosts, by 58.29 points, and Hartford, another rival division four team, for first place by one point.  All of the girls were overjoyed.

Senior captains Emily Zilke and Brianna Allen felt similarly to Coach Fairbanks and were highly satisfied with the team’s achievement.  Zilke was especially happy that they beat Coloma.

“I was really impressed with how much the team competed [and] how much we stepped up.  Taking first place and beating Coloma, a D3 (division three) school, is a really big deal for us and I’m glad to see that happen.  We are only going up from here.”

Allen was thrilled by the team’s overall progress and how the night played out for the girls.

“The meet was great.  I love watching our team progressively get better each time we compete.  Everyone did a great job staying focused throughout the entire meet, and I could tell that we all really wanted to succeed.”

Great job to the varsity competitive cheerleaders and good luck this Saturday at Paw Paw!