Michigan´s Miserable Winters

Michigan´s Miserable Winters

Anne Marie Nuter

MICHIGAN – This year, Michigan has been voted the state with the second most miserable winters in the country, right after Minnesota.

To truly understand the winters in Michigan, one has to be there – even for just a day.  After leaving a car and stepping into the cold, harsh winter weather, anyone will understand why it got the second highest ranking.

Michigan´s winters mainly start before Thanksgiving, and end after Easter.  There is a utter lack of sunshine in the winter, making it one of the most hated times of the year.

In the ¨winter months,¨ the sun doesn’t rise until around 8:15 AM and go down around 5:35 PM.  This means the sun will most likely be gone when people go to school or work, and will be down when they leave.  

Now, the precipitation is the most miserable part of it all.  It is so dangerous to be in, that only people who actually lived in Michigan would understand.

Sometimes when driving, it’s impossible to tell if it is raining or snowing because the windows are covered in brown slush.  The average temperature of November, December, and January in Michigan is 30℉.  

The temperature really affects the roads because if it snowed one day, then it might melt then next, and then freeze again.  This can make the roads a huge sheet of ice and make even stepping out of the house dangerous.

Christy Zhou, a student at Lake Michigan Catholic, didn’t always live in Michigan, and thinks it has terrible weather.

¨It´s so cold here and always snowing.  In China, where I used to live, there was rarely snow.  When it first snowed in Michigan, I loved it because it was something new, but now I am used to it and don’t like it at all.¨

On average each year, there are 467 fatalities from car accidents due to poor driving conditions.  The majority of the accidents occurred in Michigan and the states that bordered it.

If the temperature reaches 55℉, it´s like a heat wave; it feels like shorts weather.  This is only for the people who have lived in Michigan their whole life though; any new comers think differently.

Due to all of these factors, Michigan is known to be cold, snowy, and to have one of the most miserable winters.