The Varsity Cheerleaders Score Season Bests at Gull Lake Competition

The Varsity Cheerleaders Score Season Bests at Gull Lake Competition

Erika Spafford

GULL LAKE HIGH SCHOOL – On Saturday, January 14, the LMC varsity competitive cheer squad had an intense meet at Gull Lake High School.  Considering that there were 28 teams at the school, this was one of the biggest meets the girls have been to yet.

However, this didn’t intimidate them, for they placed fourth out of the six division four teams and seventh overall, with a final score of 604.10 points.  Much to the delight of their coaches, Josh and Michelle Fairbanks, the girls’ score was higher than several of the division three schools.

At this meet, the girls scored new season bests for all three rounds.  In Round One, because of the timing improvements in jumps and formation changes, they finished with a score of 196.10 points.

Round Two had the coaches and a few of the cheerleaders skeptical at first due to failed skill attempts during warmups.  However, after a quick pep talk from the coaches and captains, six of the girls took to the mat, nailed all of their skills, and scored 163.10 points.

As per usual, Round Three was when nerves took hold of the girls.  Though the team did their best to remain optimistic, none of the stunts were hitting correctly during warmups, putting a damper on their spirits.

Yet, thanks to the encouragement of Coach Josh Fairbanks, the girls performing set their doubts aside and were ready to go.  They owned the mat and the round, hitting each stunt solidly.

The audience and the rest of the team were cheering them on with each stunt sequence.  The girls pushed through the entire round, and thanks to their perseverance, scored 244.90 points.

Hannah Starr, the newest senior captain, believed that the girls’ round executions had improved since their previous competition, however there is still work to be done.

“I think Round Two needs the most work, but we finally have the confidence to go and compete without messing up.  Our biggest obstacle is ourselves and we’ve finally overcome that.”

Mariah Sirk, a freshman cheerleader, was ecstatic that the team did so well at the meet.

“I’m very proud of everyone.  We worked hard and it paid off.”

Congratulations to the competitive cheerleaders on their fourth place title and new season bests, and good luck at Coloma on January 16th!