Key Club Blood Drive

Key Club Blood Drive

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The LMC Key Club is hosting a blood drive on Wednesday, January 16, from 9:00 A.M. to 2:45 P.M. Students of LMC must be at least 16 years of age or older with a parent’s consent form.

This worthy cause put on by the American Red Cross helps bring life saving blood to people in need. When someone donates blood, they first must register with the American Red Cross and have a small health physical performed.

They then collect one test tube of blood from each donor in order to test it for disease. Once the tests are complete, they collect the pint of blood from the donor that will be stored in ice until it is transported to the Red Cross Center.

One pint of blood has the capability of saving three lives, but everyone has a different blood type. Some of the most valuable blood types to donate are O negative blood, which is the universal red cell type, and Type AB blood type, which is the universal plasma donor.

Sophomore president of Key club, Adriana Nerio, believes that donating blood is a very easy way to help those in need.

“People just don’t realize that something so simple can make such a big impact on someone’s life.”

Many people agree with Nerio including the the Key club advisor, Mrs. Linda Shemenuar, who thinks that this is the most important donation you can make.

“It cost nothing to donate blood and it can save up to three life. I can’t think of any other charity that is as important.”

Donating blood is an easy, and almost painless, process. LMC art teacher, Nicole Rimes, explains her experience with donating at the last blood drive.

“I like the cookies, they were the best part, it only hurt for a minute, but I didn’t pass out…”

Donating blood is a very worthy cause. Please donate today.