The Varsity Cheerleaders Compete on Their Home Turf


Erika Spafford

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – For the first time in over 20 years, a competitive cheer meet was held in the LMC high school gym with eight teams in attendance.  For almost two hours, these girls battled it out, each performing their routines with the utmost effort.

Since this was the first competition the LMC girls have ever hosted in their cheer careers, they were anxious to see how the night would play out.  However, thanks to the help of parents, friends, the athletic department, and their coaches, Josh and Michelle Fairbanks, the meet went on fairly smoothly.

After senior cheerleaders Madelyn Markoch and Erika Spafford led the crowd in the national anthem, the meet began.  The Lakers were set to go last in the lineup, so they warmed up their routine and made last minute critiques.

When the girls took to the mat, their fans cheered.  According to their coaches, this rendition of Round 1 was one their season best, with a final score of 194 points.

By the time Round 2 came along, the girls were pumped up and excited.  Though there were minor timing issues during their performance, all of the girls hit their back walkovers and scored 154 points, another season best.

Round 3 was next and the girls were tense but ready to go.  Some stunts were a bit shaky and a few failed, however the girls were readily able to pick things back up again.

The stunts that did hit, however, were clean and perfect, leaving all of the spectators and teams stunned.  The girls scored 226.1 points for this round.

When it was time for the scores to be announced, the girls huddled together.  Of the eight teams present, LMC placed third with a final score of 574.1 points, an amazing feat considering this was the first competition on LMC turf in over 20 years.

Emily Zilke, senior cheer captain, believed the team scored well due to the competition’s location.

“We were way more confident because we were familiar with our surroundings, and that showed in our performance.”

Head coach Josh Fairbanks was thankful for the opportunity to host this meet at LMC.

“This event means a lot to our program. The legacy of cheer at LMC rivals almost any sport at any school. To get the chance to host a meet and make steps back towards that history means a lot. We are lucky to have such a supportive athletic department.”

He even took to social media to thank all of the volunteers who made the meet possible.  Benjamin Janson, senior, attended the competition, which was his first ever.

“It was an interesting experience to have the cheerleaders at the House of Noise.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Great job to all of the varsity competitive cheerleaders and good luck this Saturday at Gull Lake!