Freshman Class Retreat

Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC- The freshmen class of LMC recently attended a retreat put on by the National Evangelization Team (N.E.T), whose goal is to form students in Christ and teach them valuable life lessons. The class experienced both large and small group activities in order to help them better understand themselves and grow in a stronger relationship with God.

The group participated in many games and lessons in order to not only enjoy their time with the N.E.T, but to grow deeper in faith. The theme of the retreat was “Anchored in Hope.”

The message was used to help the kids understand that although humanity does not know what God’s plan, all people need to have hope in Him.

For some students, this retreat opened their eyes and became a life-changing experience. Claire Duris, freshman, for example, deeply enjoyed the retreat and the lessons that she learned while there.

“I felt the retreat was a great experience. I feel that it has brought me closer to God and my classmates.”

N.E.T Ministries first started helping young people in St. Paul and Minneapolis in 1851 with hopes to help young adults grow in their faith by connecting to people close to their age and getting a better understanding of themselves.  Since then, they have traveled all over the fifty states to fulfill their mission.

This freshmen retreat was a great success. The students of LMC certainly left with a better understanding of themselves and their relationship with Jesus Christ, grew in their faith, and had an excellent time while doing it.