The First Competitive Meet at Otsego


Erika Spafford

OTSEGO – LMC’s varsity competitive cheer team went to their first competition of the season on Saturday, December 10th, in Otsego.  Though the girls had a very early start, they did their best to remain positive throughout the entire meet.

When the bus arrived at Otsego High School, the girls got straight to work.  They warmed up, stretched, and went through their routines, each time making last minute critiques.

The team is comprised of four returning competitive cheerleaders and a nine new girls, so it wasn’t very surprising that a majority of them were nervous.  Their performance at practices were outstanding, but this was the first time they ever took their skills to the mat.

This particular competition, however, was geared specifically towards senior cheerleaders and scholarships.  Because of this, no awards or medals were handed out at the end.

Coach Josh Fairbanks used this competition as a learning opportunity for the new girls.  He wanted them to do their best and make the most of this competition; to set the bar high for the rest of the season.

In the end, they didn’t perform quite as well as they had originally hoped.  Various factors, such as failed stunts, wrong motions, and overall anxiety, contributed to their scoring.

Though the team was bummed about their routines’ executions, the captains and coaches offered words of encouragement and assured them all of their talent.  Coach Fairbanks believes that the experience the team gained from Otsego can only help them become stronger.

“Every masterpiece starts out looking like a bunch of paint splatters.  Otsego was our paint splatters.  There was a lot of good things we saw with the leadership of our senior captains, Emily Zilke, Erika Spafford, and Brianna Allen, as well as freshmen like Chloe Simmons and Hayden Starr stepping up and doing well.  For our first competition of the year, I feel confident that even though we can’t see the finished product that we will continue to work our paint brush and end up with something with truly magnificent.”

Good job to the girls at their first competition of the season and the best of luck this Saturday, December 17, at Paw Paw High School!