LMC Boys 2016 Basketball Preview


Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC –  A new season has begun for the Lake Michigan Catholic boys varsity basketball team. With the amount of players and talent, the team has positive predictions for themselves.

Head Coach, John MacCart, has a positive attitude towards his team. “Although it is early, we have seen a lot of good things and we should be fairly deep as a team, meaning multiple players should be getting playing time.”

Even knowing that the team has a tough schedule this season, it seems not to affect  their attitudes. Though the boys varsity  team and the coaches, know they definitely have some tough competition. Several teams that are always going to be a challenge are Bridgman, Brandywine, Buchanan, and New Buffalo.

Teams in their division, such as Countryside, Howardsville and Michigan Lutheran, are tough but the Laker boys have a chance at winning. This year the team is older, bigger and stronger. Having 15 players on the varsity team, Coach MacCart believes that no player stands out, but he is sure that each player will have outstanding moments. “Each player are capable of playing at a varsity level this year, each of them have different skills that will help our club.”

Tommy Koenig, junior, believes that the best possible way to make this season success  is to focus on the team’s defense.

With their first game right around the corner, the team continues to improve to reach their outcome and predictions. Best of luck to the boys varsity basketball team this year! basketball team has a fair prediction about their season, it is too early to determine the outcome of districts.