Plane Crash Kills Brazilian Soccer Team


Anne Marie Nuter

COLOMBIA- On Tuesday, November 29th, there was a plane crash carrying members of a Brazilian soccer team, with a currently unknown cause.  Fans, friends, family, and the country are mourning the loss of players, journalists, and crew members.

There were 71 of deaths of the 77 people on the plane, making it hard for everyone who heard the story.  

Just before LaMia Flight 2933 crashed into a hillside near Medellin, Colombia, one of the crew members told the air traffic controllers that the plane was having electric failure and had no fuel.

The plane flew Chapecoense Brazilian soccer team, who were going to Colombia to play in the soccer finals.  Even though the game would have been a forfeit, the opposing team gave them the trophy.

First, investigators thought the cause of the crash could have been due to turbulence. However, upon further investigation of the black box contents, investigators think the crash was due to lack of fuel.

Allana Cunha, a Brazilian student at Lake Michigan, also felt the loss.

“I believe that the airline company and the airport should be sued because first of all it is the company’s fault for not calculating the right amount of fuel needed if an emergency happened which did happen, and the airport should be sued for letting the aircraft takeoff when they knew that the weather conditions were terrible.”

The team had worked so hard this year to make it to the finals, and now that they have, there had been a horrible accident.

It’s hard for some of the surviving players to talk about the crash, because they feel horrible knowing they should have died along with the rest of the team.  There were only three players that survived.

On November 30th, the rest of the players, families, and multiple fans gathered to the team’s stadium in Chapeco, Brazil, to mourn the loss of the team.