Lake Michigan Catholic Christmas Concert


Katie Wertheimer

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLICLMC’s annual Christmas band concert was yet again, a great success.The show included performances from the fifth grade, middle and high school band, jazz band, and the LMC choir, Making for a truly miraculous display.

The show contained an arrangement of songs like Flying Cadets and Christmas Classique, but the real star of the display was a piece called Walking to the Sky. Not only did that dramatic piece include a ground-breaking performance by the high school band, but included the stunning voices of LMC’s choir.

This concert did not leave a dry eye in the house and was proof of the talent of the school’s musical talent.  Freshman band and choir member, Lucy Arbanas, freshman, felt the concert went very well and that it brought the Laker community closer together.
“I feel that everyone did a great job! I’m proud that we were able to come together and create music that people like and celebrate Christmas with them. I was happy to bring joy to our community and inspire others with our joyful noise.”

Arbanas along with the rest of the band and choir members also want to extend a special thanks to Mr. Jarvie, the band director, Mrs. Davis, the choir director, all the faculty, and families for coming out to support the band.  The Lake Michigan Catholic annual Christmas band concert was truly something great and shouldn’t be missed in the future.