Adriana Nerio

LAKE MICHIGAN CATHOLIC – Unlike other students who have been selected to be the Student of the Week, this week’s student from Lake Michigan Catholic achieved more than just a goal. This student went through an amazing and rapid recovery from his injury.

Cole Tubman, sophomore, suffered an injury on November 11, 2016, during LMC’s yearly Leaf Raking project. Tubman broke his collarbone and had to have surgery days after the accident. One of the best ways to have fun while leaf raking is to jump in a pile of leaves, however, jumping in the leaves was not a very wise decision for Tubman.

When jumping in the pile of leaves, Tubman put a leaf bag over himself and jumped.  However, he landed wrong, causing him to break his right collarbone.

After the incident, Tubman was rushed to the hospital and was examined. He received several x-rays confirming that he had indeed broken his collarbone.

Tubman was told that he need surgery as soon as possible before any major tissue damage was made.

Four days later, Tubman was sent to surgery with confidence knowing everything would be fine. Doctors placed a metal plate and screws to align the bone.

Two days after the surgery, Tubman returned to school with little pain and a brace on his arm. The next few days, Tubman pushed through the pain and started to use his brace less often.

Congratulations to Cole Tubman for his courageous fight and his fast recovery!