Apple and World AIDS Day

Apple and World AIDS Day

Christy Zhou

SAINT JOSEPH – A majority of the products in the App Store now are mainly red and will be so that for the following days. Apple is turning its attention and resources back to a decade-long partnership with the Product (RED) campaign today.

For the tenth consecutive year, the company’s decision coincided World AIDS Day and is introducing several new products, limited-edition games, such as FIFA Mobile Soccer, and certain donations tied to Apple Pay.  This is intended to encourage consumers to fight against AIDS by donating to Global Fund..

More than four hundred Apple Stores will change their store front’s logo to red or have window displays. Apple’s official website, the App Store, iTunes, and other digital properties will also have a red coat to gain people’s attention for the World AIDS Day.

Apple launched several red-colored new products, including an iPhone 7 smart battery case, a leather case for SE, Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones and the Pill+ Portable Speaker, all of which are linked with the campaign.

From December 1st to December 6th, Apple will make a donation of $1 to RED for every purchase in every Apple Store, on, or through the App Store, reaching their goal of $1 million. Bank of America is also going to donate $1 based on every transaction using its cards.

Customers all over the world can make direct donation through iTunes easily. This year, consumers can support the program while playing games, shopping, listening to “The Killers,” or downloading The Lazarus Effect, which is available on iTunes as well.

Over the past ten years, 70 million lives had been influenced by RED as well as Global Funds. In the same year that Apple first partnered with RED, 1,200 babies were born with HIV, and today, after ten years, with the prediction of UNAIDS, the number could be nearly zero at the year or 2020, and AIDS could be completely eradicated in 2030.

The chief digital officer at RED, Philalithes, expressed how great of a campaign this is.

“It’s one thing to raise money, but there’s also the need to keep heat on the issue.  That’s why the incredibly powerful campaign that Apple is doing, where they are igniting and empowering their customers to take action and get involved in the AIDS fight in so many ways…is incredible.”

Through donations across the globe, humanity is getting closer to an AIDS-free generation.